Mobile Computing: Its Advantages And Limitations

Bjornson Bernales   By Bjornson Bernales

Mobile Computing: Its Advantages And Limitations

Who said accessing the web can only be done from your desktop PC? Who would have thought that the internet is just one click away from your cell phone? The wonders of technology have certainly given us the luxury of mobility. Imagine, you can directly check and send out emails just by sitting in a coffee shop. All you need is a laptop or your mobile phone and you are all set.

Mobile computing is defined as the ability to connect to the internet or use technology without the hassle of being tethered to cables or cords. Examples of such devices are laptops, palmtops, and mobile phones. These devices generally use wireless technologies like LAN, Wi-Fi, and GPRS.

How can you benefit from this high-end technology? The main benefits that you can get from mobile computing are portability, connectivity, and quick communication.

  • Mobile computing can allow a person to access information and data whenever and wherever. It increases employee productivity since they can finish tasks even when in transit. With any mobile computing gadget in tow, you can just tap on the keyboard and search the web for pertinent information.
  • Mobile computing also allows you to connect with people from any part of the globe. You can just send messages through SMS, MMS, and emails. In this way, you can give an instant report to your boss who could be a hundred miles away from you. Or, if you have a friend or a relative who just moved, you can easily communicate with them as if they are just next door.
  • Video conferencing is also one benefit that you can get out of mobile computing. You can organize webinars or teleconferences, and speak to a lot of people from different locations. You can also set up a meeting with you
    r staff and employees whenever you are on a business trip, and be kept up-to-date of the goings-on in your office.
What are its limitations? Although there are a handful of benefits that you can get from mobile computing, like everything else, it too has its drawbacks.

  • Even though there is already a widespread use of this technology, the coverage is still limited. You can only access certain features of your mobile gadget in key cities and locations. For instance, in order to gain access to Wi-Fi for your laptop, one has to locate hotspots which are usually in coffee shops such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean.
  • Another disadvantage is the security. When using mobile technology, one is highly reliant on a third party, the service provider, and this makes unwanted access from other users rampant and uncontrolled.
  • One of the challenges that mobile computing has encountered is its power consumption. Mobile technology use batteries that usually last around 4 hours. After which you need to find an outlet to recharge it to its full potential. Batteries with long life are much needed in this technology and the effort to improve the durability of batteries is still under way.
  • Transmission interferences due to weather or terrain problems can also hamper the use of mobile technology. You will experience a call that seems to be breaking up or an SMS or MMS that is difficult to send especially when you are in mountainous area or if there is torrential downpour. The reception in tunnels, inside buildings and enclosed rooms is poor.
Nowadays, people have resorted to the convenience and portability of mobile computing. The rampant use of cell phones is a hint that mobile computing is definitely prevalent in today's society. Undoubtedly, mobile computing symbolizes an exciting and fast-growing facet in computer technology.

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